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The reason for this campaign

Fake crippled, profiteer, "freeloaders". Recently, too many times we have read and heard words like these to describe the citizens beneficiaries of cash benefits related to a state of disability.

A sort of "witch hunt" that, instead of pointing the finger only against people who cheat the state and all of us pretending to be invalid, shooting in the crowd, creating difficulties and embarrassments to those who, because of their physical or mental and physical condition, requires this for a living allowance. It brings into question years of work done by the associations for "banning" offensive expressions dignity as these.
Through this campaign Cittadinanzattiva wants to reaffirm the right of citizens to obtain the "economic benefit related to the recognition of civil disabilities" (Art. 38 of the Italian Constitution) and denounce the state of extreme deprivation in which they are.
We do not want to defend "cheaters", and that is why we chose the name "I am a VIP," a "very invalid people", a person with a real disability.
Our goal is to give life to a massive collection of signatures, with events in the territory to oppose the hardships arising from the procedures for the recognition of civil disabilities, contained in the law and directives of INPS, specifically negative for the rights of citizens.
On the basis of these procedures, in fact, the people:

  • Have to wait a very long time for the recognition of civil disabilities and allowances related because of the inefficiency of the procedures and the multiplication of bureaucratic steps;
  • After the visit of the Commission Asl integrated with a doctor of INPS, further investigations are required to be contrary to the objectives of simplification and respect for the dignity of the person;
  • They are forced to wait for a long time for the reports of the health checks and deal with payment procedures blocked by time;
  • They encounter many obstacles to the exercise of the right of access to benefits.

In too many cases, based on the information we have, the actions taken by the state are held outside of compliance, because:

  • compress the rights of citizens really disabled;
  • arbitrarily reduce the legal requirements for the allocation of allowances related to the recognition of civil disabilities;
  • appear manipulated to achieve an unstated goal, which is the maximum possible reduction of spending on welfare.

We also want to denounce the restriction of health requirements for granting an attendance allowance, implemented by INPS in total disregard of the rules, through the internal communication of the General Manager INPS and the "operative guidelines" of 20 September 2010.
These acts represent a clear abuse of power, not only because they reduce the guarantees for citizens to access the benefits provided by law, but also because they reintroduce more restrictive award criteria for accompaniment which had already been rejected by the Parliament during the approval Law Decree 31 May 2010, n. 78, then converted into Law No 30 July 2010. 122. Essentially a decision of the sovereign Parliament which originated from the strong protests of organizations protecting the rights of the disabled is bypassed.

With your signature you will express your support to the campaign "I'm a VIP", helping to put pressure on Parliament and on our agencies because the rights of citizens are respected!
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